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03-Feb-2018 18:05

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The C-class contains 60 to 70% of the items, and represents about 10 to 30% of the dollar volume.

ABC Costing: ABC Inventory Control: An inventory control approach based on the ABC volume or sales revenue classification of products (A items are highest volume or revenue, C - or perhaps D - are lowest volume SKUs.) ABC Model: In cost management, a representation of resource costs during a time period that are consumed through activities and traced to products, services, and customers, or to any other object that creates a demand for the activity to be performed.

Source PRO will assess the material to be distributed through automated vending, and provide a detailed proposal, including resources, for the implementation of the program.

Source PRO’s Integrated supply program means we are the sole supplier that your procurement team deals with for all purchasing requirements. With extensive experience with the management and consolidation of supply chains, we manage your supply chain on your behalf and assume responsibility for most elements of procurement and delivery.

The program involves multiple elements and levels of implementation, depending upon your needs.

Source PRO customizes all of our programs to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need.

One major objective of modern manufacturing is the goal of uncovering “Efficiency” within your organization in a never ending effort to find two things you need to save more of: Time and Money.

Source PRO will target annual cost reductions on all supplied items.

Cost reduction opportunities will be reviewed with customer’s personnel prior to implementation and no changes will be made to existing supply without written authorization by our customers.

Approved cost savings data will be included in Source PRO’s monthly metrics.

Industrial vending machines support the controlled reduction in the consumption of indirect material.Among the positions that could be included in Source PRO program: Inventory Supervisor – An on-site supervisor who can manage store employees as well as the inventory through data driven metrics and store processes that are proven among multiple industries.

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