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Also, I wasn't sure about how to handle automatic feeding, since having to go back and feed your lolis 3 times a day sounds annoying.-Responses to having a nice room, vs an empty cell.I coded up some stuff based on preferences, so some lolis will prefer a more girl room, others more neutral, some more fancy, others disliking fancy.What makes someone happy, sad, angry, cooperative, etc.-Feeding?

Should I have feeding be done via the regular dialogue GUI, or should there be a separate one for giving gifts (toys, food, water, etc)?If you're building it yourself you'll need to download SFML (version 2.1 or 2.2 or 2.3 should work).26885 pointed out you should use the 32-bit MSVC I guess.Next time I'll try and statically build those in too so this doesn't happen.Like "this room's a little too fancy for me..." or "I'd really like some chocolate, Daddy!

".27688I use the same sprites for all races due to art constraints.Generally fun to have more ways to push around the NPC behavior, even if it's only reflected in their text thoughts. Can we receive more updates on the state of the game/more alphas.